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La Play List di Harlock

I Atto

EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN  - "Die Befindlichkeit des Landes"
NICK CAVE feat. KYLIE MINOGUE  - "Where the Wild Roses grow"
BAUHAUS  - "Hollow Hills"
DEATH IN JUNE  - "The Calling"
JOY DIVISION  - "A means to an end"
DEATH IN VEGAS  - "Hands around my Throat"
DEPECHE MODE  - "A pain that i'm used to"
LIMBO  - "Hermafrodita"
LE VENE DI LUCRETIA  - "Madre nella Veglia"
VIRGIN PRUNES  - "Caucasian Walk"
ALIEN SEX FIEND  - "ignore the Machine"

II Atto

COMBICHRIST  - "Electrohead"
XOTOX  - "[Xo]-Toxic"
THE FAULT  - "Paradigm"
SOMAN  - "ignition"
ZOMBIE GIRL  - "Creepy Crawler"
ADAM  - "Dead wlking Machine"
RABIA SORDA  - "Save me from my Curse"

III Atto

GRAUZONE  - "Film 2"
FRONT 242  - "HeadHunter V 3.0"
NITZER EBB  -"Join in the Chant" / "Join in the Chant (Xpress 2 remix)"
NOISUF X  - "Tinnitus
SUICIDE COMMANDO  "We are the Sinners"
VNV NATION  - "interceptor"
TIGA  - "Far From Home (DFA mix)"
GRAUZONE  - "Wuntendes Glass"






La Play List di NeoN

Serata - I Atto

bauhaus - in the flat field
joy division - shadow play
siouxsie & the banshees - mirage
cure - killing an arab
litfiba - onda araba
neva - louchald
christian death - romeo's distress
cinema strange - nightfalls
clan of xymox - stranger
danse society - danse/move
the frozen autumn - silence is talking
echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon (all night version)
the organ - love, love, love
editors - all sparks
interpol - pda

II Atto

the vanishing - lovesick
sixteens - synthetic blends
gary numan - haunted
virgin prunes - walls of jericho
bauhaus - the sanity assassin
ikon - fall apart
joy division - isolation
cccp - live in punkow
devo - girl u want
john foxx - underpass

III Atto

a flock of seagulls - nightmares
talk talk - it's my life
polyrock - broken china
the smiths - stop me...
red lorry, yellow lorry - hand on heart
christian death - as evening falls
siouxsie & the banshees - christine
killing joke - requiem
the sound - I can'y escape myself
echo & the bunnymen - crocodiles
joy division - transmission
nick cave - from her to eternity
swans - love will tear us apart (red version)
gary jules - mad world