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La Play List di NeoN


cranes - watersong
faith and the muse - annuyn, beneath the waves
death in june - we drive east
dead can dance - black sun
anne clark - sitting room
coil - a cold cell
kirlian camera - made of shadow
swans - no cruel angel
polyrock - your dragging feet
clair obscur - the pilgrim's progress
savage republic - flash that walks
ordo rosario equilibrio - hell is where the heart is - the gospel of thomas

Serata - Attimo I

sisters of mercy - heartland
asylum party - the sabbath
kommunity fk - something inside me has died
virgin prunes - love lasts forever
dernière volonté - mon mercenaire
sol invictus - long live death
spiritual front - cruisin'
death in june - fields
bauhaus - lagartija nick
warsaw - living in the ice age
interpol - slow hands
editors - blood

Serata - Atto II

the organ - brother
siouxsie & the banshees - sin in my heart
mephisto walz - der sack
christian death - spiritual cramp
scarlet's remains - circular thoughts
bauhaus - dive
il giardino violetto - lsd
joy division - dead souls
red lorry yellow lorry - he's read
cccp - live in punkow
crisis - uk '78
chants of maldoror - a white holocaust
cinema strange - aboriginal anemia
madre del vizio - madre
alien sex fiend - ignore the machine
d.n.a. - not moving
neon - boxes
sixteens - 100 persons

Serata - Atto III

diaframma - specchi d'acqua
joy disaster - artemis
the cure - disintegration
litfiba - istambul
dead can dance - a passage in time
joy division - heart and soul
limbo - hermaphrodita
depeche mode - shake the disease
garbo - vorrei regnare
tears for fear - change
morrisey - suedehead
ultravox - vienna
einsturzende neubauten - kalte sterne